About IHP

I.H.P. offers the most advanced sports specific training programs available in the North Shore and Chicago-land area. Programs are tailored to achieve success for athletes participating in any type of sport.

We also excel in the development of the general population through our personal fitness training programs. With over 60 trainers to choose from, I.H.P. can help you achieve your goals.

IHP is a 10,600 square foot athletic training facility with an abundance of training equipment such as:

* 50 yard sprint track
* 8 Olympic style platforms
* Plyo Boxes
* 9 Individual Adjustable Cable columns
* Dumbbells
* Kettlebells
* Medballs
* Stability balls
* Slide Boards
* TRX Suspension Training
* Gymnastic Rings
* Harness Squat Machine
* D.A.R.D.
* C.M.F.
* Cardio- Elliptical, Treadmills,
* Stability balls
* Gymnastic rings

I.H.P. Training Staff Experience
The I.H.P. training staff has years of training experience with many athletes including NBA, NFL, MMA and MLB players.

Our Training System and Philosophy
All facets of athletic development are stressed through the course of any I.H.P. Training Program. Our goal is to give every athlete the physical capability to develop whatever skills necessary to achieve a higher plane of performance. Every athlete's training program is specific to their individual needs in order to achieve the most optimal training results.
I.H.P. presents athletes with the opportunity to become the best athlete they can be.

Maximized Exercise Program
Maximized Exercise, MaxEx, combines the best aspects of cardiovascular exercise with strength training, into a total body conditioning program. The well established benefits of cardiovascular training in conjunction with a fat-burning, lean muscle producing strength regimen yield optimal individual results. The layman's terms benefits to MaxEx:
* Improve heart health
* Burn body fat
* Build lean muscle
* Improve strength, flexibility and balance

By limiting the number of people per session to less than 6, MaxEx offers the individualization and attention of personal training with the affordability of group fitness. The overall goal of MaxEx is to maximize your purpose! Every dollar you spend, every minute you spend training, every calorie you refuel your body with is maximized to efficiently and safely help you achieve your goals... And Julie and Ray are there to guide you!